In your discussion forum post, speak to or answer the following questions:

Reflect on this week’s main arguments and ideas. Is there anything that shocked or surprised you? What was the most significant thing you learned?

What is the most important thing people (in general, in society) need to know about HIV/AIDS today? And why don’t people already know these things?

How can you connect ideas about implicitly sanctioned forms of gender/sexual violence from Week 5 to ideas of (organized) abandonment, acceptable losses, and expendable life in Week 6?

[As in: are there other social processes and power relations where you see or notice discourses of virulence/infection, shame and criminalization, or discourses of stigma and scapegoating in operation? You can refer to contexts beyond the scope of the lesson and course! You can also reflect on your experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic.]

500 words for the initial post and 150 for a reply to the peer post (I will send you the peer post later)