500 words for the initial post and 150 for a reply to the peer post (I will send you the peer post later)

Assignment Instructions for Discussion Participation

Students should note that Discussion Forum Posts may require responses to other student contributions.

This means students should make sure to contribute to the Discussion Posts early on to ensure adequate time to complete all parts of the discussion question requirements.

Students should write approx. 2-3 paragraphs per lesson in each Discussion Post. This is the basic requirement.

Students who are able to respond to posts and engage in conversations or discussions beyond their own posts are likely to receive a better grade.

Assessment will be based on effort and level of engagement with the texts. This requires direct engagement with the readings and discussion question, including citations and excerpts from the text.

Ideally, students can post during the lesson in question. Because of the tight turn-around on weeks, students will not have the option to make-up missed Discussion Posts from any week unless they provide relevant documentation or communicate directly with the instructor (Neil).

Also, dropping in and completing posts weeks after the end of a lesson won’t be accepted (i.e., we’re in Week 9 and you decide to complete the Week 3 and 4 posts you missed).






Effort in Concepts and Texts

Exceptional effort, clearly worked through and appropriately cited texts and concepts.
Weight: 4/5-5/5

Solid effort, shows that texts and concepts have been thought carefully about and worked through, used proper citation.
Weight: 3/5-3.5/5

Shows some effort to use concepts and texts, texts not properly cited.
Weight: 2/5-2.5/5

Not much effort, demonstrates lack of thought and reflection into the post content, missing citation.
Weight: 0/5-1.5/5

Effort in Communication, Coherence and Creativity

Writing is sophisticated, clear, respectful, and uses proper grammar and spelling, consideration put into original choice of post content and framing.
Weight: 4/5-5/5

Writing is clear, uses proper grammar and spelling, content of post shows thought but could use more originality.
Weight: 3/5-3.5/5

Writing is mostly clear with some grammar and spelling errors, post is unoriginal or missing content, communication style needs improvement.
Weight: 2/5-2.5/5

Poorly written with many grammar and spelling errors, missing aspects of post, communication is ineffective or disrespectful.
Weight: 0/5-1.5/5

Week 5 Discussion Post

First: read through the ‘About’ section of the It Gets Better website. In your Week 5 discussion forum, consider and discuss the following…respond to each question below in order if makes it easier for you.

Based on Ott and Aoki’s work, what do you make of how It Gets Better frames homophobic violence? Is there a limit to this kind of advocacy? Do you think it has traction and appeal? What do you think it gets right? Gets wrong?

From the Shepard case and more generally, what is at stake when we focus on the individual rather than the systemic and structural impacts at the level of public responses to gender- and sexuality-based violence?

What alternative forms of media exist to create support systems, coalitions, mutual aid, care, and forms of solidarity in relation to resisting and battling gender- and sexuality-based violence? Where are these alternative forms, who do they target, and how do they work?

As a follow-up, cite or refer to any instances or events where the “allocation of mourning and grief” is called into question, where we see how concern and care is “distributed” along with the normalization of what Puar calls “debility. Like, whose suffering is normalized? Whose is deemed to be worthy of public displays of concern?

***[FWIW You can use an example that doesn’t relate to gender or masculinities.]