• To demonstrate the effect of the format on balance.
  • To make a direct connection between composition and concept.

Materials: Colored papers and photocopies of textures from your texture inventory. Glue stick, straight edge, knives and scissors, Bristol board…

Strategy: Complete two refined versions of the design–using two 7″x8.5″ pieces of Bristol board with a half inch border. You make asymmetrical composition and symmetrical composition. This project is designed to give you practice in creating FOCAL POINTS and various sorts of BALANCE and SYMMETRY.

Craft your compositions carefully and well. Good ideas are easily ruined by sloppy technique.

Reading: Chapter 3.

Asymmetrical Balance: Using one or more of your shapes; create a composition that demonstrates ASYMMETRICAL BALANCE. You may vary the size &/or color and use your shape(s) as often as you like. Carefully refine the sizes, positions and relationships of the shapes to create an interesting, coherent composition.

Symmetrical Balance: With any combination of sizes, colors and variations of shape, create a SYMMETRICALLY BALANCED composition. Try to make it exciting-

Here is what we are looking for.

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Let’s get started. Get your sketchbook or a sheet of Bristol and start making your thumbnail compositions. Thumbnail compositions are little sketches that artists use to work out ideas before going into the final work.