Writing assignment, interpret two quotations and write a body of the letter to a legal case. NO PLAGIARISM, PROPER GRAMMAR.


Here are a few hints: Think carefully. Draft answers to the questions. Let the answers sit for a day or more. Revise them as many times as you prefer. Finalize them. Spelling and grammar count.

Answer in MS Word using 12 point Times New Roman font.

Question 1:

Please pick only two (2) of the following quotations from Angel Sanchez, J.D.’s Harvard Law Review article “In Spite of Prison” and interpret them. Your answer for each selected quotation must be between 100 and 150 words.

“A system that we trust to punish, but not restore those it punishes, can hardly be called a “justice system.”

“Education humanizes, dignifies, and empowers individuals.”

“I will help you help yourself- I will not do it for you.”

Question 2:

Arnie, Barney and Carly grew up in the small, fictional town of Farley, Florida. They were close friends who did almost everything together. Barney and Carly decided to platonically go to the prom because they both liked to dance. Although Arnie never said anything, he was always jealous Carly went with Barney instead of going with him. Jealousy is ugly.

As students at the University of Florida, the three of them often ate at a local pizzeria called Gumby’s where they feasted on delicious large pizzas and magical Pokey Stix. During their junior year, Arnie and Carly started seriously dating and often talked about marriage. Although Barney never said anything, he was always a bit jealous that Arnie and Carly were together. He always thought, in the back of his mind, that they would have made a better couple. Jealously is ugly.

After graduating in 2006, they all returned to Farley to launch a new business venture called “Pizza Knight.” According to the trio, “the goal of Pizza Knight was to be the best late-night pizza restaurant within 100 miles of Farley.”

On December 6th, 2007, Pizza Knight was incorporated in Florida. Arnie was its President and Corporate Secretary, Barney was its Vice-President and Treasurer, and Carly was its Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer. All three also comprised the Board of Directors. Pizza Knight leased space in a small storefront and advertised on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Their slogan was “Everyone LOVES Pizza Knight!”- a word-play on “Everyone LOVES pizza night!” Their logo was an athletic medieval knight on horseback, in full armor, with a steaming pizza pie held high in their left hand. Pizza Knight’s business hours were unique- the store always opened at seven p.m. and closed promptly at five a.m. This was a business decision done to avoid competing with other pizza chains who were only open from ten a.m. and closed at four p.m. Sales took off. Pizza Knight was profitable within two months, debt free, and the future looked bright. The phone was ringing off the hook and the corporate bank account steadily increased from year to year. Arnie, Barney and Carly each owned 1/3 of the stock and the profits were shared equally. They each became millionaires within three years of opening. Go Gators!

On June 12th, 2011, over 500 guests enjoyed pizza at Arnie and Carly’s wedding and were excited to taste the unique pizza flavored wedding cake. Barney felt a slight twinge as he watched Carly smear frosting on Arnie’s face during the cake cutting ceremony. He often thought of the senior high school prom where they danced all night under the stars. He knew their relationship was “only friends”, but he still wished for something more romantic.

At the same time, business was booming while Arnie’s relationship with Carly was crumbling. She was frequently annoyed with Arnie’s public boasting, in person and on social media, that he, alone, was “THE role model for the brave and strong Pizza Knight…”At the same time, Barney was getting annoyed with Arnie’s insistence on buying inventory from suppliers using less expensive ingredients.

When Pizza Knight began, they all agreed to use the highest quality organic products when available. As time went on, Arnie felt that profitability was more important than “Barney and Carly’s stupid obsession with healthy stuff.” He argued that “money is what makes Pizza Knight a KING!” and he started buying less expensive products from some of the nation’s biggest pizza chain suppliers. These products, while not organic, were safely used by 25,000 other pizza stores daily.

Unfortunately, over time, things got worse among Arnie, Barney and Carly. While the business grew, personal loyalties frayed. On July 10th, 2021, Carly found out that Arnie was having an affair with Marnie (one of Pizza Knight’s leading suppliers), Carly immediately resigned as an officer, resigned as a director, and sold all her stock to Arnie at a fair appraised market value of $1,400,000.

On July 17th, 2021, after the check cleared for the purchase of her shares, she called Arnie and said, “I never want to see you again!” She retained Attorney Buzz Saw and promptly filed for divorce.

On July 18th, 2021, Carly called Barney and told him that she “was devastated but moving on” from Arnie and Pizza Knight. Barney, who was listening to Expose, invited her to “come go with him” to talk things over.

Later that week, Carly and Barney met at Moondollars- a local coffee shop. They spoke for hours about Arnie, Marnie, the business, and the future. Barney became increasingly angry as Carly told him about some of Arnie’s surreptitious, costly, and unauthorized personal expenditures from 2008-2017 using company funds. Carly reminded Barney that they were all rich from Pizza Knight and that, at this stage of their lives, love mattered more than money. She was devastated over Arnie’s infidelity. Barney sighed, gave Carly a gentle kiss on the cheek and asked to see her again. Carly agreed.

Over the next few months, Barney and Carly began quietly dating. They were enjoying each other’s company metal detecting at a local park when Carly noticed Arnie walking towards them. She tried to duck away but Arnie saw her holding Barney’s hand.

Arnie stopped, looked, and began to tremble. He screamed- “Just what I always thought, my lovely ex-wife and my NOW ex-friend are an item…Carly- you loved him the whole time- all the way back to our high school prom…I KNEW IT!”

Barney was in shock; Carly was now his girlfriend, and, at the same time, Arnie and he still worked together at Pizza Knight, each were still officers, each were still directors, and each were still shareholders. Barney quickly led Carly away and told Arnie that “he’d speak to him at the store.” Everybody left the park without incident. Later that night, Carly and Barney drove to Gainesville to have Gumby’s and reminisce about the “good old days”.

The next night, when Barney showed up at Pizza Knight, the door was locked with a large chain and there were dark curtains covering the windows. The business was shut down. Arnie was nowhere to be found. Barney tried calling Arnie for three days without an answer. Finally, Barney’s phone rang. It was Arnie. He told Barney that he was going to run the business himself and that he’d buy out Barney “one day” but “that he didn’t want him showing his face at the store unless he wanted it to” look like a pizza that was run over by a truck.” Barney was stunned as he hung up the phone. He remembered, from his JM class, he should not take on Arnie alone. Barney, who respected H. Kett, never wanted to have a fool for a client (even though Barney was not a lawyer).

Two days later Barney retained Peter “Pep” Perroni, a local Farley lawyer. He told Pep what was going on. Part of their discussion involved Barney’s anger with Arnie for allegedly spending company funds for his own benefit (without telling Barney) and part of their discussion involved how angry Barney was with Arnie for hurting Carly. He told Pep that “Arnie’s gotta sweat sausage for what he did to Carly” and how Barney “wanted to make Arnie suffer for all the bad stuff he’s done to her and to Pizza Knight.” After Barney paid him his fee, Pep wrote the following letter to Arnie:

The Law Offices of Peter “Pep” Perroni

1221 Saw Sage Way

Farley, Florida 33326

October 7th, 2021


Arnie Anchovy, President

Pizza Knight, Inc.

1624 Stuffed Crust Lane

Farley, Florida 33326

Dear Mr. Anchovy:

Please be aware the undersigned represents Barney Bacon.

It is my understanding that Mr. Bacon, an officer, director and shareholder of Pizza Knight, Inc. has unlawfully been denied access to the business. As such, it is my client’s intention, pursuant to Chapter 607 of the Florida Statutes, to inspect various records of Pizza Knight, Inc. as provided in Sections 607.1601 and 607.1602. Accordingly, at inspection, I demand that Pizza King produce the following items:

1.A copy of its bylaws.

2.A copy of its articles of incorporation.

3.All bank statements from 2008-2021.

4.A record of all current shareholders with their most current electronic contact information.

Barney and I will inspect these records at your office on October 11th from 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. so please have them ready for our arrival. I have attached the relevant statutes for your reference. Since the front door is locked, we will yell “Pizza Pizza” when we are outside.

We will NOT be eating pizza for lunch so please don’t make one for us. We don’t trust you.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Very truly yours,

“Pep” Perroni, Esq.

You are an associate at the law firm of Cheezie, Redpepper & Yum, P.A. Your supervising partner, Domi Know, Esq. hands you Pep’s letter along with Pep’s copy of the relevant Florida Statutes.

Domi has to leave the office to meet with a potential new client- P.Z. Ahutt- so she tells you to “write a letter back to Pep and respond to his request for Items 1-4 as well as discussing the day and time of the meeting.” She continued and said “Oh…and if you can legally object to anything at all in Pep’s letter- using only what I gave you- do it. I never liked Pep and I don’t intend to make his life easy.”

Please write the letter to Pep. For purposes of the letter, you are limited only to the materials she has given you. DO NOT use anything else. The letter must be between 250-400 words.

1- Focus on the date and time of the document inspection request. You shall answer that first.

2- You shall then answer, in order, the 4 items requested by Barney Bacon from Arnie Anchovy.

To be helpful, here is a starting template to use:

Peter “Pep” Perroni, Esq.

1221 Saw Sage Way

Farley, Florida 33326

Dear Mr. Perroni:

Please be aware that I represent Arnie Anchovy in the Pizza Knight, Inc. matter.

We have reviewed your letter, dated October 7, 2021, and respond as follows:


Thank you,

Domi Know, Esq.

Cc: Arnie Anchovy