For this project you are to devise a budget for one of the following situations

A: a new physical education program in a rural school district. You are the first physical education teacher to be hired and have little or no equipment. You need to consider the following things as you prepare your budget:

  • School size:

K-6 with 300 students or 6-8 with 400 students or 9-12 with 350 students

2. The average size is 25 students per class

3. You have $50,000 budgeted for your total physical education program

4. in your gym you will have four permanent basketball backboards, rims and nets

Give an outline of the basic units you plan to teach based on your programmatic philosophy. Some of the activities will cut across all grades and others will be grade specific. Identify those activities that are “universal” and those that are grade specific.

Construct the actual budget. In this part you not only need to list the amount and cost of each item, but you also need to provide a rationale for the equipment you are buying and how the purchases reflect your program philosophy.

Be very specific about the names of the items and cost per item. Keep a running total of your purchases so that you do not over or under spend your budget. If you choose to make some equipment, like balance beams, scoop cups, etc. you need to figure the cost of the building materials. We will assume that some of these things will be built by

the school shop class so you won’t have to figure labor costs. Be sure to

indicate those items that are homemade.

Use an appropriate typed spreadsheet to present your budget requests. Make sure that rationale for each purchase is connected with your purchase.

B. Develop a Program within one of the following categories: Parks & Recreation Department, Sport within an Athletic Department; Fitness Facility, or Weight-training and Conditioning Program, etc.). Research what such a program would typically have as budget categories, and develop a budget proposal for the fiscal year using a zero-based budget. The total budget is unlimited, but must be justified like in the example I gave you in the excel spreadsheet. Be very specific about the names of the items and cost per item.

Athletics and Athletic training: Keep a running total of your purchases so that you do not over or under spend your budget. Identify what dates the fiscal year will span as well. Keep in mind the athletic department you are working within is a high school athletic department. Also, make sure you include all possible forms of income available to your program like booster clubs, concessions, tournaments, etc. Look at the Final budget pdf included in the assignment to help you find what the budget was for the area you choose to help you have an idea of what the budget was in an average large high school in 2014. It should also help you as you develop costs and revenues.

Other areas: Use the university of Florida Recreational sports budget to help you develop your budget. You do not have to include building costs, maintenance etc., but you do need to include salaries, taxes etc. Once again make sure you are looking at costs and revenues and that you fully develop what type of facility you are the larger the facility type you are budgeting for, the larger the budget will have to be. Make sure you are specific and follow the zero based budget format.

The Object

Develop a budget program outline with appropriate classifications for expenses. The Program Budget outline should be as comprehensive as possible for the selected program.

Classifications may include the following, but will surely vary by preference and type of program chosen.

Human Resources



Payroll Taxes, Retirement Contributions, Professional Dues and Memberships

Health Services

Employee Insurance




Telephones, Internet, Electricity, Water





Part of the evaluation of this project will be how well your purchases reflect your program philosophy.

Include a reference page which includes the name and address of the company/s from which you wish to purchase equipment