Here is a work experience from resume below. Organize language and logic and write them down as an oral working experience for the interview. Use the STAR method to ace an interview.

ByteDance Summer 2020

Business Analyst Intern

  • Applied Agile methodology for project management to organize sprint planning, reviews, and retrospectives
  • Conducted competitive analysis utilizing the SWOT model on 5 companies and visualized financial performance using Tableau Dashboard, analyzing revenue, profit margin, and asset turnover ratio
  • Identified pain point of low conversion rate of 1.64% along with other marketing success metrics developed using the AARRR model and mapping customer journey
  • Defined key drivers for product success and conducted linear regression analysis with Excel to analyze 6 sales drivers and identified the most impactful factors, including number of active users, pay-per-click, and user acquisition cost
  • Utilized the linear model built to predict profitability of 3 new advertisement strategies and recommended the most successful plan, aiming to increase ROI by 10%