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We are in Week 7 of course and it’s check-in time. Our discussion this week is about your progress on the Integrative Project Literature Review Just two questions to address because I know you are busy working diligently on it. 😉

Where are you at in your review development process?

What are you focusing attention on as we near the impending deadline for completion?

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Where are you at in your review development process?

At this point, my review is fully developed and only requires revision. I submitted my rough draft Friday afternoon and received it back from Dr. Curtin yesterday.

What are you focusing attention on as we near the impending deadline for completion?

My attention is currently focused on applying the recommended edits to my paper. While overall, I am very happy with where I am at in this project, the editing may be more complex than I realized yesterday. I am happy with my rough draft grade and thrilled with Dr. Curtin’s feedback. I once again feel *passing with distinction* is possible, provided I don’t screw up the editing. When I read through the edits, the recommendations were clear. I was surprised by how much anthromorphizing I did. I understand the feedback and clearly see the problem when I look at it, however, I am just shocked by how much I did it.

When I reviewed the feedback yesterday, I thought I would sit down today and complete the revision in two to three hours and send the final copy off on it’s way. However, I sat down this morning to begin the edits and feel it may take longer than that. After correcting the anthromorphization in my introduction, my introduction is now two lines too long, carrying over to a third page. So, once again I’m staring at this introduction wondering what I can chop, just as I was last week. I hope that applying edits to other parts of the paper do not create this same conundrum. I am still confident I will have it submitted early.

Speaking of page limits, Dr. Curtin’s edits pushed my 35 pages over to 36 pages. Fortunately, many edits are marking through redundant phrases or sentences that will be deleted. Additionally, many of the edits themselves add to the body of the paper. I hope that the introduction page count dilemma that inspired me to stop and write this post (I previously wondered what the heck I would write about here this week) do not occur within other critical pages as well.

One thing I knew I was going to have to revise are my course content summaries. I cited many if not all my studies with the authors name at the beginning of the sentence and not at the end. I need to rewrite those sentences in the format asked by the template. I had even graded myself off for this in the rubric, so I knew that was coming. Yesterday I expected this would be the most timing consuming part of my revision process, but again, I’m stymied by what to cut out of my introduction. I think I’m going to move forward and work on editing the rest of the paper first, then come back to decide how to shorten it back to two pages.

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Where are you at in your review development process?

I was able to submit my rough draft on Friday morning, and Dr. Curtin was amazing to be able to review and send my rough draft to me on Saturday with the edits I needed to make. I then was able to work on edits over the weekend. Luckily, I do not have to be at work until 1130 AM so I had plenty of time to work on my edits this morning and submit my final draft before leaving for work. I hope I made all the required edits correctly. Dr. Curtin is awesome in showing us exactly what we need to correct. I had still had several anthropomorphisms in my rough draft to correct, as well as my references. I used the citations from the APU library, and you would think that they would be correct, but no I had to correct almost everyone of my references. One thing I have learned from this course, is to pay close attention to all of the helpful hints Dr. Curtin provided for us on this journey such as not relying on citation generators.

What are you focusing attention on as we near the impending deadline for completion?

I guess my focus for today is to take a deep breath and relax as the heavy lifting of this course is complete. I have submitted my final draft, and I am now waiting to see if any more edits are needed. Looking at the final draft as I prepared to submit it this morning, gave me a sense of completion and triumph. I think if any editing is required, it should be minimal as Dr. Curtin gave detailed instruction on the editing process. I hope my fellow classmates take time to look at how far we have come and what we have accomplished in a relatively short amount of time. I have put so much time into this course, that I may not know what to do once this course is completed, LOL. I want to send out a special thanks to all my classmates for giving me suggestions along the way and especially Dr. Curtin for all your help on this major task.

I wish you all the best as you complete your projects this week and hope you all have a wonderful week!