For the Final Exam Course Project, you will:

  • Prepare a “Creativity and Innovation” assessment on the Alcoa & the Auto Industry Case Study. The assessment must be a minimum of 5 pages double spaced in APA format, and must include a cover sheet, reference page, proper citations, and should be free of misspellings. The title and reference pages do not count toward your 5 page minimum. Be sure to include an introduction and conclusion.
  • Leverage the information contained in the Weekly Study Plans. Use the SuperSearch function on the OC LRC website to research alternative approaches, models, fringes, trends, etc., to support your assessment. This project does require that you conduct research outside the scope of the weekly study plans, articles, videos, etc.
  • Be creative and innovative in your assessment and solution and demonstrate the knowledge you gained throughout the course.

To maximize your grade points, the following elements must be incorporated into your assessment:

  • Read the Alcoa & the Auto Industry Case Study;
  • Identify and describe why their aluminum alternative was innovative;
  • Explain if or how Alcoa leveraged its creative resources (i.e., Horizontal Insight Model);
  • Discuss who or what was the catalyst for creative change in the organization’s strategy;
  • Identify and discuss a process, product, or service that Alcoa may or may not need to reset;If a reset is necessary, formulate an innovative and or disruptive alternative as the solution;
  • Review and discuss Alcoa’s implementation plan and recreate their implementation plan from your innovative perspective (i.e., 3-Step Method, etc.,);
  • Identify and discuss which of Alcoa’s innovative characteristics align best with which strategy (i.e. traits, trends, fringes, etc.,);
  • Identify and discuss which Helix Model they align with most closely and the data analytics used to support their innovative strategy;
  • Identify and discuss which change management plan aligned with their strategy (ADKAR, Kotter 8-Step Model, etc.);
  • Identify and discuss the Alcoa’s implementation strategy (i.e., Four-dimensions of behavioral implementation strategies, buying innovation, outsourcing innovation, creating innovation, or starting an autonomous organizations).

Do not include the assignment questions into your essay. Feel free to organize these into headings but follow APA requirements for headings.

If you need help with APA writing style: