Create a Comprehensive Wellness Program

As a culminating project, you will create a comprehensive wellness program for one of the special populations listed below:

  • Heart disease
  • Pulmonary Disease
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Pregnancy
  • Arthritis
  • Elderly

Part I: Review of special population

  • Chosen Group
    • Determine the selected population you will be working with. Analyze current available research and complete an overview of the selected population.
    • Describe your chosen group. Include details on this target population including statistics on the condition.
  • Lifestyle Factors
    • Analyze lifestyle factors that positively impact the special condition.
    • Analyze lifestyle factors that negatively impact the condition.
  • Programs
    • Explain one program that has been successful in supporting lifestyle factors that positively impact the special condition (i.e. Yoga classes for women who are pregnant or pulmonary rehabilitation classes for individuals with lung disease).
  • Part I should be written in a formal tone in APA style and format.

Part II: Apply skills

  • Counseling techniques (Reviewed in PSY 380)
    • Explain how you would make personal contact with the client and develop a working alliance.
  • Health history (Reviewed in HWE 420)
    • List the questions you would ask during the initial health history assessment.
    • Explain if this client needs clearance from a medical doctor.
  • Exercise
    • Describe what initial assessments you would complete on the client and explain your rationale for selecting these assessments. (Reviewed in HWE 200, HCS 334, and HWE 420)
    • Explain any risks of exercise for your client. (Reviewed in HWE 420)
    • Identify two safety tips and guidelines the client should follow due to his or her condition. (Reviewed in HWE 420)
    • Choose one of the following components of exercise: cardiovascular, muscular strength, muscular endurance, or flexibility and create a plan for your client. Use a chart to show initial assessment and a second chart to show progression. (Reviewed in HCS 334 and HWE 420)
    • Suggest two motivational strategies you could use with this client. (Reviewed in HWE 200)
    • Explain how you would evaluate your client’s progress. (Reviewed in HCS 334 and HWE 420)
  • Stress Management (Reviewed in HWE 200 and HWE 415)
    • Explain how you would assess the stress level of your client.
    • Assume your client requires stress management. Describe two techniques you would suggest your client try.
    • Explain when and how you would determine this stress management technique is being effective or not.
  • Dietary Guidelines (Reviewed in HWE 200 and HCS 308)
    • Describe how you would assess your client’s dietary patterns.
    • Suggest dietary guidelines for your client based on current recommendations for his or her special condition. Provide detail such as caloric intake and serving sizes.
    • Elaborate on how you would evaluate your client’s progress with his or her dietary plan.
  • Cultural Competence (Reviewed in PSY 380)
    • Assume the client has a different cultural background than your own. How would you employ cultural competence in working with this individual?
  • Psychological considerations (Reviewed in PSY 380)
    • Explain two psychological methods or principles that may help the special population manage and/or cope with illness or current health status.
  • Part II may be written in an informal tone, but it must follow APA style and format.

The Final Project: