I have attached a file that contains my project proposal (approved by the prof) along with an outline of my research paper

For the annotated bibliographies please be sure to include more information on the methodology of the study (what variables were tested) what was used to measure stuff etc. etc.

Please be more specific regarding the research findings/ results

For these two annotated bibliographies please choose TWO research articles that focuses on maternal depression relationship to children’s cognition. I have included three papers that were listed as references on the paper I am basing my study on. They are also high listed on the references page of that article. (ATTACHED BELOW)

Kurstjens & Wolke, 2001; Yan & Dix, 2016.

Campbell, Matestic, von Stauffenberg, Mohan, & Kirchner, 2007; Conners- Burrow et al., 2014.

Chien & Mistry, 2013; Milgrom, Westley, & Gemmill, 2004; Mistry, Biesanz, Taylor, Burchinal, & Cox, 2004

I have attached the research paper that I am basing my. Research project on. Please look at the reference list for that paper and choose two of those references to create an annotated bibliography.

(This is a one year course, the first semester consists of doing annotated bibliographies that will be used to write our literature review for this project etc.)