Perform online research to find a source (article, video) that specifically shows how human induced change in the environment disrupts animal communication: e.g. impact of ship noise on how toothed whales communicate, impact of road-traffic and other urban noise on how song birds communicate. Then, write a 400-500 word report that includes (1) general summary of the source, (2) key information with descriptive details, and (3) its significance. Email me a pdf copy of the report by the due date.


Try to find credible sources geared toward an educated general audience such as information pieces created by scientists or in collaboration with scientists for the purpose of informing and educating the general public. Avoid dense discipline-specific journal articles unless you have in-depth knowledge of the field. Suggested sources include:

  • Information piece in science magazines: e.g., Nature Magazine, Discover, National Geographic, The Smithonian.
  • Educational videos: e.g., Discovery Education, National Geographic Education
  • Educational YouTube channels: e.g., Academic Earth, PBS LearningMedia, Ted-Ed