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Study Guide: Latin America

1. What is meant by the term mestizo?

2. Locate Paucartambo, Peru on a map. What is the nearest large city? ____________________ Nearest other country? ___________________________

3. Who are the “heroes” of the Peruvian Fiesta drama? _______________________.

List 4 other characters:

4. Listen to “Chunchos of Paucartambo”. List the instruments you hear:

5. What is Wayno?

6. What instruments might be found in an Orquesta tipica? List European origins and indigenous origins.

7. What are some unifying factors of Iberian colonial influence in Latin America?

8. People in which areas have maintain the greatest distance from Western influence?

9. Where are African influences the strongest? Why?

10. Where is European heritage dominant?

11. List general five (5) features of mestizo musical life:

12. How does the festival of Paucartambo reflect the complex nature of mestizo religious practice?

13. Listen to “Qollas Despedida.” List the instrument you hear:

What type of ensemble is this?

14. List three (3) popular music genres performed at social gatherings in Peru:

15. Which of those genres is closest to indigenous roots? Why?

16. What type of ensemble is local to Veracruz, Mexico? __________________________. What are the instruments in this ensemble?

17. What is Mexico’s most important mestizo song-dance genre? _________________.

A famous example of this is Richie Valens’ song _____________________________________.

18. What is a strophic song?

19. What are the instruments of the son huasteco trio?

What part of Mexico is this ensemble from?

20. The two major indigenous groups of Andean highlands are the ___________________________ and the _______________________ speakers. The group around Conima is a __________________ community.

21. The Aymara of Conima emphasize the importance of Collective Community and core values include:

What group from Africa does this remind you of?

22. What determines which instrument Aymara men play?

23. How is music-making in the Aymara community “gendered?”

24. Where does one find the currulao? ________________________________. It is a community __________ where women and men ___________ and form ________________________________.

What instruments are featured in this performance?

25. Listen to “Currulao Bambuco.” What characteristics of sub-Saharan African music can you identify here? Why?

26. What is Brazil’s most famous musical event? ________________________ What is the musical genre most frequently heard here? _____________________________