Assignment 1

7.2 Your programming team has been given the project to write a GUI program for converting different units of measurement. Discuss your UI with other students. Create (draw) the initial screens for the project.

7.3 Find a person who speaks your language but comes from a different country or region and discuss how the vocabulary and expressions you both use are different. On what kinds of words do you find the most differences?

Instead of a midterm test, you are going to complete a midterm paper and it’s based on the movie “Office Space”. You choose the way to watch the movie in a comfortable setting,
Write your review in a Word file using Times New Roman font (no smaller than 10 pt but no bigger than 12 pt), single spacing, 1″ margins on all sides, single spacing, and the paper’s length is at least 1 page but no more than 2 pages. Any direct quotes from the movie, header, or footer do not count into the length of the paper.

Assignment 2

In the midterm paper, you need to identify at least three problems (problems identified must be from the software engineering perspective, do NOT discuss from the general ethics perspective) that could have been avoided if a good software development method is applied in “Office Space”.

  • Identify three problems related to software engineering and describe what the consequences of these problems are respectively; (4 points)
  • Explain what actions you, as a member working on a software project, would have taken in order to avoid those problem respectively; (4 points)
  • Describe if your actions (described above) are related to any knowledge that you learned from the first 4 modules of this semester. (2 points)