A student is required to write a (draft and final) term-paper (30 points for a draft paper and 30 points for a final term paper) about one of five criminology theories with the instructor’s approval (Social Disorganization Theory). A term paper should contain: 1) Introduction, 2) Literature review (thorough up-dated literature review – key concepts/propositions of the theory and empirical findings), 3) Policy implication, and 4) Discussion/Conclusion. The paper should be approximately 13 pages in length (except reference) and written in APA format. The first draft is due by October 27 (Midnight) for (anonymous) peer review. Each of students is required to critically review a classmate’s paper (assigned by the instructor) and a paper review (20 points) should include 1) a short summary of the paper, 2) constructive comments and criticism about the paper, focusing on theory review (concepts and propositions) and extensive literature review, and 3) paper’s organizational issues such as the logical flow of the paper, grammar issues, citation/reference issues, and paper format. The peer review is due by November 3.

Incorporating a peer’s constructive feedback, a student is required to submit a final draft of the term paper (with a response letter) on November 24. The term paper should incorporate at least 15 scholarly sources. No late paper/review will be accepted.

You are expected to demonstrate the highest level of academic integrity, so be advised that academic integrity is expected on research projects and examinations. Dishonesty, in any form (especially plagiarism), is unacceptable.