art A

Search online for a popular press article, journal article, blog post, company report, or video that describes ONE employee wellness/work-life program implemented in an organization of your choice. The media you choose should clearly describe at least some details of the wellness/work-life program (e.g., what was the duration of the program, the specific content of the program, employee reactions to the program, metrics used/tracked in the program, how effective was the program).

Then, in about 400-600 words, respond to the following:

  • Post the link(s) to the media (article/blog post/report/video) of this program. If you found more than one useful link about the same program in this organization, please share it to give us a better understanding of the program. Briefly describe the organization (unless it is painfully obvious; e.g., Google, Amazon, etc.) and the program (e.g., perks of the program, what type of employees would be benefit most from it, duration of the program, etc.).
  • Based on your understanding of this organization and the type of the program – why do you think this program was instituted? In other words, what was the motivation behind implementing such a program? Does it seem to have gained employees’ buy-in? Why or why not?
  • Was the program successful? If so, in what ways? What metrics were reported to support your assertion (e.g., employee satisfaction with the program, productivity metrics like hours worked or reduced absenteeism, turnover statistics, employee health or well-being, etc.) (Hint: refer to the PPT slides and the article you read for Assignment #5)

Hint for finding the article/blog post/video/company report/journal article: If you are looking for ideas of different types of employee wellness programs, here are some sources that may inspire you.

To give you a better idea of what is expected, here’s a good example of what I’m looking for:

How A Long-Term Company Wellness Program Transformed Our Digital Agency

Please do NOT use this in your post.

Part B

  • Read your classmates’ discussion posts and post meaningful response comment on at least TWO of their posts (there is no maximum limit of posts). These two posts can be either responses to your classmates’ original posts, or responses to questions/arguments your classmates raised for you.