An off duty police officer stopped at a coffee shop for a cup of coffee.

When he was in the back of the store, someone entered the front of the coffee shop carrying a gun. That person demanded the cash from the cash drawer.

The officer stopped the robbery and arrested the suspect.

It was later discovered that the suspect was wanted in another state and a reward of $20,000 had been offered for information leading to the suspect’s arrest.

When the officer heard of the reward, he attempted to collect the reward.

The request to collect the reward was denied. The officer sued for the reward asserting breach of a unilateral contract.

Will he succeed?

When analyzing this issue at home, practice using an IRAC approach, breaking the question into its elements (there are 4 elements required for a contract). It is not necessary to state your response in IRAC form. That would be too long for our purposes.

Hint: we are currently studying the elements of capacity and consideration.

Please briefly state your conclusion and reasoning for that conclusion.

For full credit you must post a response, then two (2) separate replies to two (2) separate responses of two classmates.