A 65-year-old female patient is seen your office for an annual physical examination. The patient states that she has not seen a healthcare provider for the past 10 years because she has been feeling well. She has no past medical or surgical history. She reports no complaints. The patient is new to your practice. You completed a comprehensive history and physical examination on the patient. The patient states that she does not know her family history because she was adopted and never had a chance to meet or speak to her biological families. The history and physical exam are unremarkable.

Discuss the following:

  1. Considering the patient age and gender, what preventive health and screenings would you consider for this patient based on the current guidelines?

DIRECTIONS: 600 words in current APA7 format, with medical specificity, included but not limited to labs, lab values, diagnostics, age-specific screenings, gender-specific screenings, and what the current guidelines states about those screenings. Must include 3 academic resources within the past 5 years (no article dated before 2018)