write me a good appeal to my school explaining why. I got a W, which. is mean why I dropped my class after the due date.

one of the classes that I dropped was in January and it was only one month class and the other class was a two-month class from March to May. the reason that I dropped these two classes is that in the middle of January I accidentally burnt my feed at work and I had too much pain, the class was too much for me I couldn’t handle it in that short of time while I was in too much pain. and the other class which was in March same thing my pain was still there I had too many doctor visits and I had to follow up with physical therapy at that time. and the class needed to have a lot of time to pass it when I realized I was very behind with all the homework I just dropped it. write them something making them accept my appeal. make them feel sorry for me.

I send picture of how my feet was looking like