The first time a potential employer looks at you, he or she is probably looking at a piece of paper known as a resume. Initially, more job opportunities are lost because of a poor resume than any other single factor.

A resume is a one- or two-page summary of your skills, accomplishments, experiences, and education designed to capture a prospective employer’s interest. The purpose of a resume is to secure a job interview. It is the primary tool of your job search and may take several drafts to prepare effectively. Resume formats, what to include, what to leave out, where to put a key paragraph, how the document should look, even the paper it is printed on count. The result should be a tightly written, perfectly clear portrait of you and your related work accomplishments, education, and skills—no more, and certainly, no less.

As you organize your resume, keep in mind the needs of the employer who will be reading it. Consider what he or she is looking for in a candidate, and make it easy for the reader to pick out those skills by selecting appropriate categories, using underlining, boldfacing or capitalizing and presenting relevant experience and skill areas higher on the page.


Before you can write an effective resume, you must first be able to identify your skills and abilities as well as your special needs relating to the work environment, salary, geographic location, and people environment. This step will help you to develop a career objective.

Career Exploration

Collecting information regarding the required skills and qualifications of occupations, which interest you, is an extremely important step. This information will help you decide if and how these requirements relate to your own skills and needs.


1. Obtain a job announcement from your employer or a potential employer, or find a job announcement on Craigslist or on one of the online job banks such as Make a copy of the ad and attach it to your resume.

2. Create a standard print resume (versus an electronic one) that could be used if you were applying in response to the job announcement you found. Use the formatting conventions for a chronological or functional (skills-based) resume.

3. Write a cover letter (application letter, letter of introduction) that highlights the information in your resume. You may find it useful to study the examples I have placed in this area of our Blackboard site.

4. If you are going to graduate at the end of the semester, write both your resume and cover letter as if you were seeking a full-time job. If you will not graduate for a few semesters, write as if you were applying for an internship. If you are presently employed, write as if you were seeking to change jobs for a higher position, higher salary, different line of work, etc. In all cases, write for a specific position.

Key 305W Outcomes Met with This Assignment

Students will:

  • Identify individual discourse communities and find and analyze their characteristic texts, evaluate their credibility and principles, and apply relevant aspects of their information to other contexts and arguments
  • Analyze the details of a wide variety of writing situations (textual elements such as tone, evidence, organizational patterns, diction, even visuals) according to the author’s purpose as well as the audience’s needs and tastes
  • Identify how a writer uses rhetorical strategies in various genres of writing
  • Apply critical thinking skills and reading strategies to evaluate their own writing and the writing of fellow students

  • Develop flexible strategies for creating, revising, and editing texts
  • Critique their own and others’ texts
  • Write with an awareness of audience and purpose
  • Identify how discourse communities employ particular strategies for conveying, researching, evaluating, and presenting information
  • Analyze and choose the appropriate conventions for a range of audience expectations
  • Sustain reasonable correctness in grammar and mechanics to perform well in a variety of writing contexts and professional settings
  • Critically analyze a variety of texts produced for public and individual readers

My Personal Info:

High School Diploma: Granite Hills High May 2015

Dental Assistant: California Dental Certifications August 2017

Associate in Science: University Studies- Science and Mathematics with Honors, Cuyamaca College June 2019

Associate in Science: Biology for Transfer with Honors, Cuyamaca College June 2019

Certificate of Achievement: Cuyamaca College June 2019

Bachelor of Science: San Diego State University, in progress, looking to graduate in spring 2021

Pre-dental student, looking to Join U.S. Air Force as dentist after graduation

* 200 plus honors of volunteering at 40/30 Dental Clinic in San Diego, California

*Looking for an opportunity to be a dental assistant in La Mesa Smiles & Family Dentistry, to acquire more experience in my field before joining dental school.

Coursework: Advance in fields such as Biology, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physic, and Business Office Technology.

Skills: Money and time management,

Sales man,

Multi-lingual: Speak, read, and write Arabic, English, Aramaic, and Kurdish

Situational awareness

Ability to Work Under Pressure

Self Motivation


Work Experience:

40/30 Dental Clinic, San Diego, CA 92115 (worked as volunteer to gain experience, exploring how the dental clinic life is and how the doctors deal with their patient, Cleaning and organizing dental equipment) 2017

Salesman at Vivint solar, Inc, San Diego, CA 92126 (Use psychology to engage with different people, Using a variety of marketing skills, Establishing trust with people) 2017-2018

Manager at Shell Gas Station, 785 Jamacha Road, El Cajon, CA 92019 (Understanding of Budget and Financials, Being Emotional Intelligence, and making a collaborative environment for customers and employees)