• Corrections officers, like law enforcement, attorneys, and judges, have the ability to use a high amount of discretion on the job in all they do. There is a lot of responsibility in the job of a corrections officer. Correction officers are described as being “similar to police officers in that their uniform represents the authority of the institution quite apart from any personal power of the person wearing it” (Pollock, 369). The role of a corrections officer is to watch over those who are in jail or prison, as well as people who are awaiting trial or in one. They are put in place to enforce the rules of the prisons they serve at as well as the law in general. It is important for them to make sure all individuals in the prison are in accordance with the law and are not breaking it. They are also tasked with preventing prisoners from harming each other, the officers, or themselves. They need to make sure as well, that inmates are being treated properly and fairly in the environment they are in. Corrections officers have a discretionary and ethical code similar to law enforcement as well. The use of good integrity, respect of individuals they interact with, and public service are high on the list. They need to know good from bad, how to talk with others and treat them, and how to work with their partners as well as the individuals in the jail or prison they are working in. It is important for both to maintain this in order to work well with those they come in contact with and to uphold the law. They also, similar to law enforcement have a sort of subculture where they must do thing such as aiding other corrections officers, not rat out on their partners or make them look bad, and support their fellow officers.The Saint Leo University core values of integrity and community can apply to corrections officers and the environment they serve. Corrections officers, like law enforcement officers, attorneys, and judges alike, have to use a high discretion and have good morals in what they do. They need to know right from wrong and how to approach individuals and situations that can arise. Corrections officers need to be honest and upright. Community can also be used as the facilities they work in are like a community of their own. They are responsible for the people in them and what goes on in them as well. They must do their best to provide the best safety to prisoners and do the just thing.


  • According to your text, what are some ways that morality can be maintained in prison? Correctional officers have a very difficult job to do in correction facilities. They have to serve, protect and cohabitate sometimes for over sixty hours a week with individuals (inmates) that have failed to conform to societies rules. Inmates from with very dangerous criminal behaviors to those with metal illnesses and everyone in between. Corrections officers experience a great deal of stress, and stress-related illnesses. Hypertension is a common symptom, other social problems include alcoholism, suicide and divorce. Unfortunately the climate amongst correctional officers is that of criticisms and disrespect sometimes officers adapting to unethical and egoistic patterns of behavior. Some have reported that they had lost their morality in the prison.For correctional officers it is vital and essential to have strong moral and ethical code. Otherwise it may result in officers drifting into relativistic egoism: “behavior that benefits the individual is considered to be acceptable, despite long-term effects or inconsistencies with their duty and their personal value system” (Pollock, 2017). Officers to maintain a sense of morality in a fundamentally coercive environment is no easy task. They need a strong personal ethical code as a defense against being transformed by the negative environment of prison life.“In some cases correction officers are already corrupt and are just using the system for personal gain. The difference between a corrupt officer and an honest officer is: The corrupt officer has a PRICE and the honest officer has INTEGRITY(York 2015). For this discussion, I will find fitting Integrity as is defined in our Saint Leo University core values. Has “Integrity is the commitment to excellence demands that its members live its mission and deliver on its promise. I believe this applies to this discussion due to the nature of a correction officer’s job and responsibility. Correction Officers need to display professional bearing and moral fortitude at all times. The have to set an example by maintaining integrity, ethics, and strong morals while respecting the inmates they serve and protect. Always exhibit high moral, and Integrity based on mutual trust and respect to create a socially responsible environment.


  • California is the largest farming state in the United States. On average, California produces 11.30% of all crops sold in the United states. According to the New York Times, agricultural crimes in California have risen and become difficult to deal with the situation. In the city of Bakersfield thieves walked into a vineyard and placed a large number of grapes into a Styrofoam case. Agriculture in California is doing well currently, inclining people to steal from farmers in their area. Thieves are not just stealing crops from these farmers but copper as well. Farmers will have copper wires running back and forth between outdoor wells and power boxes. All a thief has to do is snip the wire with a pair of wire cutters and the robbery is successfully committed. Repairing this copper is expensive and can run between $5,000 and $2,000. Iron is another metal that is stolen from farmers in California. Iron sells for about $75-$100 for ever 200 pounds of iron. Considering this, Iron is not the most lucrative theft but can help with small financial hardships. In some areas, law enforcement will report a kind of Robin Hood effect. Meaning, smaller farmers, who may be struggling a bit will steal from large more profitable farms. Pollinators, such as bees, are reported stolen in certain areas of California as well. Thieves will enter the farm in the middle of the night and smoke the bees to sedate them. Then they will steal the bees and carry them away to their new homes. Bee thefts reported value of $100,000 in losses for California. More than 400 hives were affected. Farm theft is considered a low priority crime because the nature of the crime is nonviolent.


  • In Florida, I am not sure I can name a Sheriff’s Office that does not encompass an Agriculture Unit. The Pasco Sheriff’s Office, where I work, has an Environmental Crimes Detachment. Inside the Detachment is the Agricultural Unit. The Agricultural component focuses on problems dealing with loose or mistreated livestock, investigates agricultural related crimes, and serves as a liaison between the Sheriff’s Office and the agricultural community within Pasco County, Florida. Normal calls for service for a Pasco Agricultural Unit would be a Cow getting out of the gate. They would contact the local farmers, look for wholes in fences, and capture the cow without harm. They would make sure the livestock is back to the rightful owner. Due to Pasco County being mostly livestock land, it is a pretty exhausting job the unit. Deputies in the Sheriff’s Office repair fence, contact home owners that have lost livestock, and attempt to get loose farm animals back into the fence lines where they belong. Most of the time, the Agricultural unit will come to the calls where the Deputies cannot handle the situation. To my knowledge, the Sheriff’s office only has three Agriculture Deputies.Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission are in Pasco County most of the time and are extremely experiences in Agricultural regulations. Both Pasco Agricultural Unit and FWC make sure poachers are not in the area, people are not hunting out of season and are sticking to fishing and hunting guidelines.


  • Torts are divided into three general categories: (1) intentional torts, (2) torts of negligence, and (3) strict liability tort. Examples of intentional torts against a person include assault, battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and false imprisonment. Intentional torts against property include trespass to chattels, trespass to land, and conversion. Yes I believe consumer protection has gone too far. The ways a manufacturer can protected themselves are ensuring that the proper processes are in place and identifying red flags can help protect your company. Also by making sure they are always in the scope of the States or Federal policies.


  • There are several different types of torts, but the most commonly used are
    • Intentional
    • Negligence
    • Strict Liability

    Intentional: Purposeful misconduct or intentional wrongs. A person who purposefully invades a protected interest of another under no legal justification or excuse. Ex: Marina was arguing with Anthony and she grabbed Anthony by the arm and yelled at him. Grabbing Anthony by the arm constitutes the assault.Negligence: Is the unintentional failure to live up to the community’s ideal of reasonable care. Ex: Marian was shopping at Walmart. While in the dairy isle she slipped and fell on some milt that had spilled on the floor. The milk came from a cart that had a hole in it. Walmart’s failure to clean the spill and remove the carton constitutes the negligence. Strict Liability: Imposes liability on defendants without requiring any proof of lack of due care. Ex: Adriana’s dog is a Pit bull named Vinny and he’s very aggressive. Adriana left the front door open and Vinny bit Marian. Adriana didn’t not intend for Vinny to get out or bite Marian, but Vinny is her dog and she is responsible for him hence the strict liability.The argument of consumer protection had been widely debated. Can a company ever by one hundred percent free from liability? I don’t think that’s what society is requiring, but when companies put profits ahead of consumer safety there lies the neglect. Companies don’t always place warning labels on all the harmful chemicals in their products. Ten years later and after several millions of dollars in profits the company is sued because it knew its product caused cancer and never advised the public or stopped using the chemical in its product. After investigating the company, we find internal emails explaining that a certain chemical in the product can cause cancer, yet the company buries the email along with the findings. There are companies that weigh the cost of recall or replacing a part with the cost of litigation. How much will I loose to place this item versus how much can I potentially loose in a law suit if it ever comes to that. I do think that some of the monetary awards given out have been outrageous, but I can’t put a price on someone’s health especially when that person is the sole provider for a family. Companies can be more transparent in the materials they use. Advise the public of the cause and effect of your product. People will except a company that admits it made a mistake rather than one that lies and gets caught in their lie. The company will probably still get sued but won’t look as culpable in the court of public opinion. If they admit to the error and fix it people will still purchase their products.