exercise 1:

first read the attached files( ‘Hall”,”Havde”). Then, compose a short reading response that discusses the readings. Be sure to reference at least one idea from each article.

Some questions to consider:

  • What did you learn about applied research?
  • How does applied research differ from academic research?
  • What do you find interesting about applied research?
  • How does applied research differ from research you’ve done in college so far?
  • In what ways will you alter your approach to research from how you’ve done it in the past?

exercise 2:

As you skim the report, focus on the research included in each section. As you do, answer the following questions:

  • What is the purpose of the report?
  • What types of research do you see in the report? (Think back to Ch. 2 from Just Enough Research.)
  • How is the research being used? How does the research contribute to the achievement of the report’s purpose?
  • Which sections have the most research? Why do you suppose that is?

Your analysis of the report should develop a sense of the role of research in professional and technical documents, which will prepare you for conducting that type of research as you complete your own work.