Reading Summary, 2 page maximum on similarities and/or differences of Nanook of the North, Man with a Movie Camera, Cameraperson by picking at least one specific scene from at least 2 of the films. Be sure to use cinema terms around cinematography, sound and editing. Use at least one quote or citation from Nichols and one quote or citation from McLane. Remember you do not need to restate the plot of the film, we have already seen them. Points will be deducted for errors that could have been easily caught by doing spell or grammar check. We are looking to see how effectively you can incorporate the film language you have learned from class and readings into your understanding of documentary film.

When writing about films always put the title of the film in italics, list the year of release and cite the last name of the director for example:

Cameraperson, 2016, dir: Kirsten Johnson

When analyzing a specific scene, please note the time of when the scene starts in the film; for example :23 minutes in; or 1hr. 6 min. in.

Be sure to start with a basic definition of a documentary film, why are the films you chose documentaries? What is it about their form or style that makes them documentaries? (Perhaps cite from Nichols or McLane here)