Read the follow discussion and write 200 words response

Prostitution has been an illegal industry for a long time, and is also condemned morally. Even though public holds negative attitudes towards prostitution, sex work industry is still growing. So, some activists is looking for banning prostitution in stricter legislatin. Ronald Weitzer writes about some misunderstandings about prostitution and some arguments about why people support to criminalize prostitution. Here are the five things I learned from Weitzer’s articles.

The first thing I learned is that “many prostitutes emphasize that they engage in sex work not simply out of economic need but out of saticfaction with control it gives them over their sexual interatcions” (Weitzer 2010, 6). In the traditional ideas, people disdain the job as a sex worker or any job related to sale women’s body. So, people think only those who cannot find a job and make a living on their own choose to be a prostitute because they need money and body is the only thing they have. However, Weitzer points out that this job does provide large economic profit, but many prostitutes prefer this job because they want to have control over their sex activity. They are actually able to choose clients as a prostitute.

The second thing I learned is that there are different classes inside the prostitution careers. There are independent call girls, massage parlor or brothel worker and street girls. The independent call girls are the highest level and street girls are the lowest. “Occasionally an upper or middle-tier worker whose life situation changes is no longer able to work in that stratum and gravitates to the street. But transitioning from street worker to the escort or call girl echelon is quite rare, because most street workers lack the education and skill set required for upscale indoor work” (Weitzer 2010, 7). So, normally independent call girls are more likely to be educated, and have more space to choose their client, while street workers often receiver lower payment.

The third thing I learned is that independent call girls and escort workers are more common than street workers. Since I mentioned above, street girls need relatively less skill, so the entry level requirements for street girl should be fewer. It is easier to be a street worker than an independent call girl, and there are supposed to have more street worker than independent call girls. However, it is not true. “When most people think of prostitution, they are thinking of street prostitution, but off-street sexual transaction are just as important and, in many countries, far more common than street worker” (Weitzer 2010, 9). That’s probably because street workers are more likely to be exposed in an unsafe environment and experience violence.

The fourth thing I learned is that even though public often relates human trafficking to prostitution, many prostition migrations are voluntary. “But several studies suggest that a significant number of migration have made conscious and informed decision to relocate” (Weitzer 2007, 453). People generally believes that prostitute jobs are shameful, few people would be willing to do that. However, Weitzer states that most of the prostitutes choose to do this job themselves or encourage by their families. “Their motivation consisted of “economic incentives, desire for an independent lifestyle, and dissatisfaction with rural life and agricultural labor” (Weitzer 2007, 453). So many of them choose to do this for their personal purpose instead of being forced. It is not valid to criminalize prostitution by sayting that many women invluntarily become prostitutes.

The fifth thing I learned is that “legal prostituion may help reduce trafficking due to enhanced government regulation and oversight of the legal sector” (Weitzer 2007, 457). According to Weitzer, legal brothels provide safe environment availiable for sex workers to trade. So more women would be willing to provide sex service, then there is no need to traffick innocent women to provide sex. As a result, the trafficking rate will drop. If prostituion is banned, it will “prevent legal commercial sex work and immigration that form the major obstacle” (Weitzer 2007, 457). If the immigration for sex work purpose will be approved, pimps don’t have to smuggle girls from other countries any more which also reduce trafficking rate.