Due 07/25/2019 by 6 PM EST

Respond to at least two colleagues in one of the following ways:

  • Compare and contrast the key elements of grant writing identified in your and your colleague’s post.
  • Provide a constructive critique of your colleague’s ideas for demonstrating a positive and measurable effect to a funder.
  • Provide recommendations to find funding sources for this proposal.

Response to Hilda,

Describe the Key Elements to Grant Writing.

Executive Summary:

The summary consists of one page and advises on how the funding will assist your organization. It provides a description of the project and organization. Furthermore, it shows how much money is being requested.


The narrative is the largest part of the proposal. The narrative answers the question of what the decision maker needs to know. The elements that make up the narrative are the Statement of Need, Project Proposal, Organization Information to include past and present, and Summary.


The total cost of the proposal

Supporting Materials:

Documentation that is requested by the funder. An example is tax information verifying the non-profit status.


Consists of sending a thank-you letter and communication to keep the funder update on the progress.Retrieved from Foundation Center. (2015)

Provide a Brief Description of the Grant Proposal You Selected:

I selected the Yale University Medical Center to the Avon Foundation. The grant is to cover funding for a Domestic Violence Home Visit Intervention (DV-HVIP). The program will provide physical/psychological safety to children and non-offending parents who were involved in a domestic violence incident (Foundation Center, 2018).

The two major strengths for the grant proposal start with a letter of endorsement from Yale School of Medicine. The second the grant is in the form of an application that is easy to use. It allows the grant decision maker only the information they are requesting to make a decision. The form provides the grant writer a clear focus when writing the grant.

One area of improvement is the wordiness of the application. The application needs to be direct and to the point (Foundation Center, 2015). The application is wordy, but it is very well written and documented.

Explain How You Would Improve on the Grant Proposal:

A way to improve the grant proposal is to decrease the wordiness and add more of a personal element. The grant proposal provides client statics and demographics, but it needs additional client stories. Adding personal stories can assist the proposal to be approved (Foundation Center, 2015). The grant proposal was a good write up and only needed a minor addition.


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Response to Nicole

Key Elements of Grant Writing

The standard grant writing components are the narrative, budget, appendix of support material, and authorized signatures. Sometimes, proposal applications require summaries, an explanation of budget items, and certifications (Nelson & Ruffalo, 2017).

Description of Grant Proposal Selected

Proposal from Project Open Hand Atlanta to The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta: The request assistance of a meal delivery program to help low-income people with HIV/AIDS and their families (Foundation Center, 2018).

Improvement of Grant Proposal

I would include more details on the population expected to be serviced, statistics or approximate number of clients currently being provided other services through collaborative agencies, and the importance of HIV/AIDS patients to eat a healthy meal including fruits, vegetables, and lean protein which is used to build muscle and a strong immune system. I would also include examples of healthy options like lean beef, poultry, fish, eggs, beans, and nuts. Additionally, I would include the benefits of providing healthy meals for this population and statistics on the number of individuals and families who would benefit from the program, without food assistance they may not be able to afford or have the means to prepare these meals otherwise.


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