Due 7/27/19 by 6 pm EST

Respond to at least two colleagues in at least one of the following ways:

  • Expand upon an idea in your colleague’s post
  • Suggest an additional strategy for fundraising and explain why your strategy might be effective.

Response to Hilda

A brief description of the budget presented in the grant proposal you selected.

The total budget requested is $50,000. The budget will fund clinical and advocacy staff of Domestic Violence Home Visit Intervention (DV-HVIP) (Foundation Center, 2018). A description of the budget is needed in a proposal to advise the decision marker on how the funding will be utilized.

Describe how you might alter the budget after the grant ended

I would alter the budget to include more staffing. The additional staffing will allow the DV-HVIP to assist additional clients. I would also budget additional funding to provide ongoing training. The client population is 39.1% Latino/Latina (Foundation Center, 2018). The budget will be altered to include a language line or an interpreter. Funding can be altered due to demographic or changing demographics (Lauffer, 2011). The addition of an interpreter or language line will assist the DV-HVIP with a positive outcome.

Explain why you would make these changes or prioritize specific budget items. Finally, explain how you would fundraise to meet the budget priorities.

The changes are needed to benefit the maximum amount of clients affected by domestic violence. The client population has a high number of minorities. Changing the budget to be culturally sensitive is needed. Adding a language line, interpreter, or cultural training is a way to complete the change. I would use additional grant requests to fundraise for additional funding. The grant I would apply for will specifically target domestic violence victims and children of domestic violence. I would also use grassroots fundraising events as a fundraising strategy. Grassroots fundraising includes things such as bake sales, garage sales, and community activities to raise money (Lauffer, 2011). The proceeds from the grassroots fundraising and grants received will provide the DV-HVIP with additional funds to assist clients.


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Response to Kahle

Description of the Budget Presented in the Grant Proposal

Foundation Center (2018) discussed the Planned Parenthood of Georgia and the Atlanta Women’s Foundation whom intertwined missions and requested $26,050 to increase awareness and utilization of the human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine. The grant proposal also addressed budget needs for staffing, outreach, treatment, and educational resources that would help address disparities.

How I Might Alter the Budget After the Grant Ended

Lauffer (2011) recommended fundraising and developing other revenues of funding, incorporating strategies for program fundraising could help ensure services are continued. Another alteration that could help address challenges is promoting awareness opportunities reaching out directly to target populations and settings, e.g., schools, hospitals and community settings that have access to large numbers of individuals making the most of limited resources.

How I Would Fundraise to Meet the Budget Priorities

Lauffer (2011) suggested reaching out to business with a financial specialist to help provide insight into the tax advantages of donating. Presenting a concept of both financial reward and intrinsic values of contributing directly to support a cause in need. Establishing a fundraising committee could help focus on and address barriers proactively. Utilizing social media and communication technologies could help reach large audiences and boost fundraising. Having significant events, e.g., races/walks, or community volunteer programs, could also aid efforts.


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