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In your Personal Wellness Reflection Paper you will share what you have learned this semester about wellness and about yourself. This is to be an integrative paper, summarizing and synthesizing what you learned from the personal wellness assessments you completed throughout the semester and from tracking your dietary intake physical activity on My Fitness Pal. The paper will include an Introduction, the personal assessment paragraphs you have developed throughout the course (overview of assessment, your outcome, reflection on what you learned and why it is important) and a Summary of how this will influence your future actions. This paper must be substantive in depth and personal in nature. It should be at least six pages and at least 20 well developed paragraphs (introductory paragraph, a paragraph for each assessment topic, a summary paragraph stating personal insights and future plans). Be sure to submit your paper to the course dropbox BEFORE the due date and time.


Please use the Name of each Assessment as a Heading for each paragraph.

Paragraph 1 (or more): Introduction to Wellness: what does wellness mean, why is it important

Paragraphs 2 – 19:

Personal Outcomes and Reflections from EACH Assessment. Be sure to include a paragraph summarizing NUTRITION outcomes from My Fitness Pal and a paragraph summarizing PHYSICAL ACTIVITY outcomes from My Fitness Pal. This is the main body of paper, at least one strong paragraph (>3 sentences) must be devoted to each assessment topic and each paragraph should include…..

    1. Subheading: Name of the Assessment
    2. Overview of assessment: explain purpose and why the topic is important
    3. Report of your personal outcomes on each assessment
    4. Identification of personal strengths/weaknesses in the assessment
    5. Identification of changes that you could make to improve/enhance

Paragraph 20: Summary of what you learned and implications for future actions (final paragraph).

This assignment is designed to allow you to demonstrate your understanding and application of the components of fitness and wellness in your own life. Be sure to retain all of your work throughout the semester, as it will be crucial to the writing of your final Personal Wellness Reflective Paper.

Overview, specific outcomes (scores), and reflections of the following assessments MUST be included

1.2 (p. 33) Wellness Lifestyle Questionnaire

1.4 (p. 37) Resting Heart Rate and Blood Pressure

1.5 (p. 38) Dimensions of Wellness – Setting Your Goals

12.1 (p. 433) Stress Events Scale

12.2 (p. 439) Stress Vulnerability Questionnaire

10.1 (p. 368) Self-Assessment Coronary Heart Disease Risk Factor Analysis

2.1 (p. 46) Exercising control over Your Physical Activity and Nutrition Environment

2.3 (p. 67) Setting SMART Goals

MFP My Fitness Pal – Nutrition Outcomes

4.2 (p.150) Disease Risk Using Waist Circumference and BMI

MFP My Fitness Pal Physical Activity – Outcomes

9.1 (p. 320) Personal Reflection on Exercise and Exercise Enjoyment

9.2 (p. 357) Personal Fitness Plan

11.1 (p. 414) Are You Taking control of Your Lifestyle to Prevent Cancer?

11.12 (p. 415) Assessing Your Risks for Cancer

13.1 (p. 467) Addictive Behavior Questionnaire

13.2 (p. 582) Alcohol Use Questionnaire

15.1 (p.523) Life Expectancy