Word count at least 700.

Interview and Research Paper (60 points, due Friday, August 17): You will be required to write a 2-4 page paper based on interviews and research you will conduct. You will need to interview two people from different life stages: a young adult (20-35) or a middle-aged adult (36-60 years old) or an older adult (60 + years old) about a normative event (events which are commonly experienced by most people, such as attending school, jobs, marriage, parenthood, children leaving home), a non-normative life event (events which do not happen or are not expected to happen to most people, such as living in another culture, having adult children return home to live, having a life-threatening illness at a young age), and their aging process. You will explore how these events influence the development of each respondent, how their responses relate to course content and a research article, and what you’ve learned from conducting the interviews. See interview guide document.

Paper Instructions: This paper has three key components:

Part A). You should provide a brief description of your interviews. Do not record your interviews word for word in the paper, you should only provide a brief summary of your interviews.

Part B). Provide an analysis, being sure to show how your interviews relate to topics we have read about in our text and watched in the various videos. Consider what issues of human development were raised in your interviews.

♦ Describe how ONE or TWO human development concepts are relevant to your interviews. Give specific examples of course material and concepts that were evident in your interviews (i.e., cohort effects, social clocks, triarchic theory of intelligence, identity development, family as a system, moral reasoning). This assignment is comprehensive:I urge you to think about any/all concepts encountered in this course that relate to the issues and interactions of human development.You will also need to describe briefly one relevant research study, not in the textbook, regarding one of your chosen concepts revealed in the interviews.

♦ Describe and cite at least one relevant study not in the book regarding at least ONE of your chosen concepts. Your study must be from a scholarly peer-reviewed source. Please read the additional hand-out describing how to find such a source.

Part C). Write a conclusion to tie your information together. In your conclusion, also describe what you learned personally from conducting the interviews and applying them to research and course concepts.

Formatting and Style Instructions:

Your paper should be a typed, double-spaced, 2 – 4 page paper. Please use Times New Roman 12 point font and 1” margins. Your name, title of your paper, course title, and term should appear in one line in the header of the document. Writing style (orderliness of presentation, clarity, and smoothness of expression) and grammar will be taken into consideration when evaluating your paper. Please use APA formatting for references in your text and reference list. You do not need to provide an abstract for your paper.

Grading Rubric: Interview and Research Paper

Point Value

Description of Interviews: General description of interviews; reader should be able to understand the main gest of the interviews without being there. However, interviews should not be recorded word for word.


Analysis: Thorough explanation of how interviews connect to at least ONE human development concept. Provides specific example(s) of ideas/concepts/information from course that relate to the interviews. Brief explanation of outside research article and how it relates to the interviews and course concepts.


Conclusion – Summarizes the information tying the paper together. Adequate description of what the student has personally learned from how the interviews relate to the course material.


Organization/Clarity of writing — Flow of paper is logical. Paragraphs are organized around relevant topic sentences and transitions link paragraphs and body sections together. Writing is clear and the author provides sufficient detail to enable the reader to understand the topic.


Mechanics (Grammar) – Correct spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure (no fragments or run-on sentences). Formal writing is used.


References – References are in APA format. One outside scholarly peer-reviewed reference is used within paper.


Minimum 2 pages