2. Core Requirement (energy, waste, water, materials): name your chosen core requirement in the part of the campus which you aim to get sustainable.

3. Or explain how all core requirements in your group will make this part of the campus sustainable in terms of environment, working life of students and staff, and economy (for example, lowering running costs).

3. List issues, which could be improved in the chosen part of campus in relation to your chosen core requirement. Suggest possible solution to each listed issue. Make at least 2-3 suggestions. Add in-text citation and corresponding APA reference. Add relevant Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Briefly explain your choice of SDGs: why are they relevant to your solution?

Example: you choose energy in the classroom. You inspect the classroom and decide that lights can be changed to more energy-efficient; the AC can be switched off during the cool weather (Smith et al., 2002); the windows can be opened during winter etc..



Smith, A.A. 2022. Sustainable solutions for campus.