You need to do 2 short assignments:

Assignment 1:

Part 3 – prepare a 2 page review (Excluding cover page and reference page) of your investigation and analysis. Previous discussion in Part 1 and 2 has examined the impact technology has had on the two organizations, in particular their Business Process. Offer specific examples of how the companies used strategic vision and leadership to meet their long term IT goals. Part 1 and 2 are attached forthis work.

Assignment 2:

The course name is : PMBA 6314 Manage / Information Technology

Your final summary is to provide a 3 page paper (Excluding cover page and reference page) that captures what you liked (or did not like) about the course. How can this experience benefit you in the future? How can this course be even better? Would you recommend this course to others? Explain why. It should have a cover page and references page, too. The summary should also include an applied reaction concept. As an example: How would you apply this information to the work place? Review the chapters to help focus areas of summary. Use this assignment to demonstrate your level of comprehension.’

Plz no plagiarism and good grammar.