Hello again :). please answer the following carefully answers

The paper titled ” “Sensing the Future: A Design Framework for Context-Aware Predictive Systems” which is attached, has gone through several rounds of revision in the Journal of AIS. But before it is finally accepted for publication, the EIC wants to get your review on it. Read the paper.

a. What is the main contribution of this paper from a DSR standpoint?

b. What are the strengths of the paper?

c. What are the weaknesses of the paper?

d. How can you propose constrictive criticism in helping the authors improve the design principles or theoretical contribution of the paper?

In “d” I attached a Hevner & Chatterjee Checklist that you need to answer, which is one of the help for criticism and add other things

Please answer and follow the instructions carefully, especially for the critique. the last question Also, please keep it simple, have no complicated sentences or vocabulary, and be careful of plagiarism.

please, post the work right away after you finish it don’t wait for the time due so we can work in other work… I will post another work after you finish this work. don’t worry about the tip just focus on the work as always, please