Answer Each Question PHYSIOLOGICALLY. Do not just indicate what happens, but explain why and how
these things occur. There is no anticipated length for each response. Provide a thorough answer for each
question. If you really want a suggested length, I would recommend at least 1 page each.


1. Muscle damage: Good or Bad? What is muscle damage? How does it happen? How are we
protected from muscle damage? Finally, is muscle damage good or bad? Do you believe that it is
important for skeletal muscle hypertrophy?

2. Explain to process of skeletal muscle contraction. Begin at the nerve and end at the sarcomere.
Make sure to explain both concentric and eccentric muscle contraction. Explain the sliding
filament theory and any alternative theories believed to explain contraction. In addition, lifting
weights and shortening sarcomeres appears to result in signal transduction. Outline to primary
pathways important for muscle protein synthesis. What does an increase in muscle protein
synthesis ultimately result in?

You have started a resistance training program and are experiencing what you believe to be
skeletal muscle growth. Explain what this actually means? What aspects of the muscle are
actually growing? In what proportion are these aspects growing (e.g., myofiber, sarcoplasm).
What do you believe is happening at the level of the sarcomere (actin and myosin
ration/density). Finally, does your style of training impact what these adaptations look like?
Please provide a rationale for your position (23 references).