Write a 600 words Personal Statement in Master’s Program in Public Policy

Program website:…

read my “resume” carefully and also
review the university website. Focus on my previous experience and
reflections. And focus on the following aspect:

The letter will answer the following four questions in your own words,
as clearly and concisely as possible. Each question is allocated a
maximum of 200 words to provide your response. If the maximum word count
for each question is used, your total letter will be no more than 1000
words. Only the first 200 words of each answer will be read, nor will we
consider any additional sections outside of these questions.

The four questions you must address are:

  • Please describe how the MPP would further your future career goals.
  • Please expand on the above by describing the strengths, ambitions and experience you will bring to the program.
  • A capstone project that examines a contemporary public policy
    problem is a requirement of this program. Please describe a project that
    you might be interested in developing.
  • Please describe your ability to work in a team atmosphere and how this has contributed to your successes

There are samples in the attached files