Review 1

Respond to 1 assigned classmate with a 200 word minimum letter to them that includes the following information (written in complete sentences and with detail). To reach this word count, you cannot just answer yes or no. Instead, you need to provide examples, suggestions for improvements, questions, and compliments throughout:

  • Do they have context and summary in the introduction? Do you feel prepared for the body of their essay?
  • Does their thesis contain an argument? Do they identify two clear close reading elements? Do they have their evaluation of the issue as their so what?
  • Do their body paragraphs contain analysis that helps support their thesis?
  • Does their conclusion contain an expansion on their so what?
  • Do they have in-text citations every time they quote, paraphrase, or summarize a source?

Review 2

Look at the grading criteria checklist on the assignment sheet. For each bullet point criteria, assign your peer a score from 1-10 with a few words explaining why you gave that score ie. Used 2 sources: 5; only used one outside source.