In this discussion, you will take a closer look at wellness through the social sciences. First, choose the discipline that relates most closely to your program of study. Then, in your initial post, respond to the prompt for that specific discipline:

  • Economics: Discuss the relationship between economics, business concepts (e.g., targeted marketing), and wellness.
  • Psychology: Discuss the relationship between mental health and wellness.
  • Anthropology: Discuss the relationship between cultural background and wellness.
  • Sociology: Discuss the relationship between social status, education, and wellness.

In addition to answering the question for your specific discipline, answer the following:

  • How does the relationship you described relate to specific challenges or supports of wellness?

Make sure you share a link and/or summarize your topic so that we all have enough information to understand your discussion topic even if we are unfamiliar with the discipline being analyzed.

Respond to peers who selected a different discipline from yours. Address these questions in your responses:

  • How is wellness within your discipline similar to that of your peer?
  • How is wellness within your discipline different from that of your peer?
  • Which of the eight dimensions of wellness would be more applicable to your peer’s discipline? Why?

Support your ideas with information presented in the course material and other scholarly resources.

To complete this assignment, review the Discussion Rubric document.


My program of study is creative writing, and this can go with any of the mentioned disciplines. I am going to focus on economics for this discussion board prompt. As a writer, you want to be the most prepared you can to get your work published. If you write a book, you should prepare a book proposal, and that includes doing market research on the genre your book is classified in. For example, I love fairytale reimagining’s, so I would look at books like mine and see how well they sell. You want to look at price, what format it is in (hardcover, paperback, etc.) and how well they did on a best sellers list. You must show that your book can sell to your target audience. You also have to decide what your target audience is, which will fall into what genre you write under as well. If you self-publish then you have to do everything yourself.

This can affect wellness because it can affect stress levels. Doing the work itself isn’t stressful but getting the editor to believe it will sell is what can be difficult. Writers don’t typically get picked up by the first place they submit to, so it can be a challenge to find someone to publish your book. It is daunting, and can be discouraging at times, but once your work is out there, it will all be worth it.


The lens that most matches my field is economic. I currently work for a ball bearings company as a supervisor. The article I read was “Economic stress- how bad is it really?” (Ruiz, 2009). This article discusses a potential correlation between wellness and the level of economic stress. While the doctor in the article was able to identify anecdotal ties, there is currently little research that demonstrates a direct link or correlation between economic stress and health issues. One reason for this could be the fact that economic stress can cause physical symptoms that range from “the common cold to a heart attack” (Ruiz, 2009). There is an old saying “money can’t buy you happiness”. However, I feel there is a link between economic stability and wellness. For example, a couple who is financially stressed, my face more obstacle than a couple without those stressors. However, on the other hand, one could argue that wellness is directly related to the attitude and perspective an individual takes. For example, two families could be experiencing financial issues. One family is brought closer together, while the other family is torn apart. Purely anecdotally, when my business is doing well economically, I experience less stress. My boss tends to not be as intense or angry and doesn’t hyper focus on my performance, in comparison to when the company I doing well.

Ruiz, R. (2009). Economic stress- how bad is it really? Forbes. Retrieved from: