You will design a floorplan for an educational setting and write a paper to explain the expected impact of your design on behavior and the temporal environment. You will need to consider the following:

How does the educational setting decrease inappropriate behavior?

How do the design, materials, and storage determine the level of productivity and comfort of the children present?

Are there areas that have a dual purpose?

When considering options for area placement, do children have enough space? What will be the expected noise level based on the activities in each area? Will one area be distracting to another?

What are the health and safety concerns?

Are there special considerations for children with special needs?

Step One: Create the Design of the Physical Environment

Choose an age group: Toddlers, Preschoolers, OR Multi-age.

Use a website like the Kaplan Early Learning Company, PowerPoint, or another application to design your floorplan. Alternatively, you may simply draw a clear design on paper. If you choose to draw your design, you will need to provide a photo.

Include the following Areas:

Cubbies for personal belongings



Dramatic Play





Area for eating

Area for large group learning

A Calming Center

Include all furniture needed in each center (tables, chairs, sink, and storage shelves). Be sure each area is a well-defined space.

Step 2: Justify Your Choices

In 1-2 pages in a Word document, provide the rationale for your design using two resources. Explain:

The importance of the physical environment

How DAP, child development knowledge, and PILES impacts the arrangement of the educational setting

The reasoning behind the placement of centers and activity areas

The influence of the temporal environment on your design

How the arrangement decreases inappropriate behavior

Incorporate at least two credible sources to support your insights and opinions. Use in-text citations where appropriate. Include an APA formatted title page and a reference page.

Be sure to proofread your work for grammar, spelling, and punctuation on all documents. Submit one zipped (compressed) file that contains the following:

Educational Setting Floorplan (PowerPoint, .jpg image, etc.)

Justification of Your Design (Word document)