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Total points for Lab 3: Hematocrit and Hemoglobin write up is 100.

(4 points) Cover sheet – Include your first and last name, names of lab partners, date, lab exercise name and title, NFS 3101.01.

(5 points) Objectives – Restate the objectives using your own words. Remember to use bullet points.

(10 points) Raw Data – Include your data table in your lab report.

(20 points) Calculations – Calculate the value of your unknown using the Formula method (for Hemoglobin lab). Show mean and mean – blank calculations.

(15 points) Discussion – Discuss the results of the lab in detail. I am looking for details here. What results did you get? What do they mean?

(10 points) Assessment – Discuss new things you learned in the lab and the interesting things you found. This should contain at least 3 different items to receive full credit.

(6 points per question) – Answer the questions at the end of Lab 3

I uploaded the lab report also lab example. it is going to be look like that. also I uploaded the picture which has information for your table