Research problems are designed to guide your thinking about the research process and help you explore topics that may be of interest or relevant in your practice.

Identify a research problem.

Grove, Gray, and Burns (2019) explain that a research problem “is an area in which there is a gap in the knowledge needed for nursing practice” (p.113, Chapter 2, Section – Key Points).

Based on your research problem, discuss the following aspects:

  • Patient
  • Intervention
  • Comparisons
  • Outcomes for practice
  • Study design

Here is an example of my instructor’s PICOS:

P-Adult ICU patients
I-early ambulation after mechanical ventilation
C-routine ambulation 8 hours
O-decreased length of ICU stay
S-Quantitative (Quasi-experimental)

Please share your PICOS for participation this week. I will provide feedback. This will help you with the remainder of the assignments in this course.