Please write paper as per given guidelines and project topic and outline attached below

  • Observe organizational behavior: During this course, take the opportunity to observe organizational behavior firsthand for at least 10 hours during the term. The setting of your observation experience may be your workplace, a small business, a local organization (e.g., a volunteer site, a church group), a St. Francis student club, or a virtual organization (e.g., a professional networking community).
  • Background and action (1-2 pages)
    • Take action. Contribute a minimum of 10 hours during the term to a specific organizational situation (engaging in a project, activity, task, or routine operations of the organization).
    • Present an overview of your organizational experience. What is the setting? What is your role? How do you fit within the organization? Is this a new or ongoing experience for you?
  • Action component and analysis (5-8 pages)
    • Identify two specific organizational behavior topics explored this term (from the list below).
  • Reflect on your experience as it applies to the topics you identified.
  • Based on your action and your research into your topics, what strengths does this organization offer to its employees, volunteers, or members? How would you describe the ethical climate? How can this organization improve to engage and motivate them better? What specific recommendations do you have? Remember to support your recommendations with your observations and/or with references.
  • The paper should include a minimum of five recent references (from the past 10 years) in addition to course readings. You may find the LIBRARY INSTRUCTION Module helpful in identifying references.
  • Prepare the paper using APA formatting guidelines.
  • Include a reference list (not included in the page length), including all sources referenced in writing the paper.

This paper is the culminating written report of your term-long exploration into organizational behavior. Since it includes both a research and an action component, it cannot be completed in a rush at the end of the course. A 1-2 page bulleted outline of this project, including the organization you are observing, the topics you plan to explore, and at least 5 references you plan to use