Forum #2: Willa Cather and My Antonia

Students in Forum #2 are each required to post a contribution of about 300-500 words (the equivalent of about one to one and a half typed, double-spaced pages).

In terms of the content of your post, I want everyone in Forum #2 to compose a post in response to the assigned readings, focusing on one or more of the critical responses to My Ántonia. Your goal should be to develop a critical response of your own to a critical perspective from the assignments just mentioned.

You can agree, disagree, partially disagree, or extend and modify your chosen critical position (to name a few possibilities). Try to add something meaningful to our class’s ongoing conversation on My Ántonia using ideas from the assigned essays about the novel.

Creativity is welcome. You should be thoughtful in your post, but you do not have to follow the conventions of formal academic writing (though you should observe the rules of grammar and spelling). Be clear and thoughtful, but feel free to write in a more casual style than you would in a formal paper. You are encouraged to use audio and visual content in your post if it helps you to make a good point. Be honest! I appreciate your candor, and it will make for a better discussion. I also appreciate humor.