The next two functions of management to address are Organizing and Staffing. For these functions, it is important to understand the company’s organizational structure and each departments responsibility to ensure the company has the right resources for your idea.

Knowing the job positions and responsibilities of your chosen company will help you know if you have the talent within your company to execute your new idea. Continue adding to your previous parts of the project per your template, and include a minimum of two (2) new scholarly resources not previously used. You will present a breakdown of the following:

First, create an organization chart (Org. chart) of your chosen company or modify the current company’s org. chart. Then, write an essay in at least 300 words on the following prompts:

  • Summarize the groups/departments you envision that are needed for your “new idea”. You can propose new staffing positions if applicable.
  • Identify and explain if your company has the resources available or would possible outsourcing be an option?
  • Be sure to list the main resources you will need.
  • Outline and describe the approximate cost associated with the implementation of your idea and how this will potentially affect the company’s bottom line (profits/revenue).