Write a response of 250-300 words addressing the following three prompts. Address all items for each prompt. This is not a question-and-answer assignment but two or three flowing paragraphs and possibly references.

  1. Current and Future Applications: Choose a specific topic or concept studied in Modules 1-4 that you find applicable in your work or personal life now . You can include the prerequisite topics also.
    Note: Saying “none” is not acceptable. Choose something closely applicable and address at least two of the following prompts:
    • Describe the topic or concept and give an example of how and where it is applicable (currently or in the future). If applicable, include a link to the topic or concept.
    • What did you know and understand about this concept before studying it in MATH 106?
    • Describe what (more) you learned about it.
    • What do you find (more) interesting about the topic now? Explain.
    • Do you think it will be applicable in more ways now? How and why?
  2. Retroactive Applications: Have you learned about a topic or concept that has helped you in the past without realizing it?
    • Give the concept and explain your experience.
    • Are you using it currently? Where?
  3. More General Education Competencies:
    • List the competencies from your Module 1 post.
    • Add any additional competencies you feel have applied in this class or will apply in your current or future career based on the learning in Modules 1-4. Explain how and why