Mission of management theory and practice

Project Theme

To what extent do management theories inform management practice in an organization?


This assessment includes the investigation and examination of a management-related issue, concern, or theory. Preference (but not limited to) is the investigation and examination of the organic organ chosen for earning. This allows to develop the learner’s understanding of ORGANIsation and i ts environmental and business that are usually evaluated by employers.

Content of the proposed project

The project should include a description of; the business environment; the business activities of the company; the structure; the role and activities of management; planning and decision-making; findings and recommendations.

Proposed areas of examination can include management principles and characteristics that contribute to managerial effectiveness. Analyze the basic activities of management such as planning, organization, command and control, etc. The difference between being effective and/or efficient. Other areas can include the influence of leadership, motivation, teamwork, learning and development, etc.


  • 10% Introduction and Conclusion
  • Academic style, references 10%
  • Content and knowledge report (theory) 50%
  • Originality 20%
  • Recommendations 10%

Word count

Word count 1,500 in essay style (10% +/-)


  • The NCI cover page must be included.
  • You are asked to submit your work to TurnItIn.
  • Harvard references should be used.
  • The report must be written in the font size of Times New Roman 12 using line spacing of 1.5.
  • It must include word count, plagiarism declaration, and bibliography.