Due no later than Thursday 11:59 am (PST)

1, In the Smith et al. (2012) article, the authors describe three (3) meta-skills managers need for social enterprises to succeed in business: (1) acceptance, (2) differentiation, and (3) integration (see p. 468 – 474 and discussion on p. 474). Briefly describe these three meta-skills and how they apply, or not, to the organization in your Signature Assignment.

2. In your Signature Assignment organization, you have learned from new hires that there is much needed help in their place of origin, i.e., a matter of life or death. You create an energetic “social mission committee” and develop a plan to assist. Later, you receive a phone call informing you that you must ensure you are not violating human rights in your effort to assist. Review the human rights links from the reading and background materials and other external sources as applicable. Share with us any human rights implications managers in your organization should take into consideration in developing the social mission plan.