Read the attached case called “Boston Telecare” and answer the questions per the word document provided.

Include the name (blank), date, class number, and title on all written work. Minimum of 700 words (total, not per question) in your answers (not counting questions or instructor’s words) Please see the word document to see the questions. Always please use good formatting to make your work easy to read, and your answers easy to locate. For example, use titles, numbering, section headers, plenty of white space, and clear direct language. Put your name, date, class, and title on the assignment. Do not write huge, unbroken blocks of text that look like a novel, use well-formatted business-style writing that is easy to understand.

Please note minimum word counts and effort requirements. This is an individual assignment. The files provided to you are sufficient content – you do not need to use the internet or google any alternative information to answer the questions, and should answer them without searching the internet for information.