The purpose of this assignment is to expand your thinking about the client’s project, building upon the information you gathered during your Initial Client Analysis and the Client Call. By this time, you should have a better understanding of the client’s needs and the client’s goals for the communications proposal. Using this knowledge, you will gather additional information for this assignment, and then use it to develop key insights about the client’s audience or audiences.

The information you prepare for this assignment will inform the direction of your campaign proposal. Much of what you present here also will be included in your proposal. Make sure what you do here is your best work. It will save you time later in the class.

Key Insights For each identified audience, craft a narrative detailing your key insights derived from your research. What about the Woodstock Awards might excite or interest your identified audience or audiences? What will it take to get them to act considering the client’s goals for the Woodstock Awards? How would news of these awards drive the audience or audiences to learn more about Bethel Woods and what would it take to get them to take the next step? What is the next step? These are example questions to help you get started. Do not limit your consideration of key insights to only these questions.

Format:detail your key insights organized by your key audience or audience groups.

Audience 1:


Audience 2:


Audience 3: