Select two articles from your chosen topic

+ identify the thesis of each article as your first order of Business

+Once you have identified the thesis, note the main ways each the author supports their arguments and interprets their evidence

+ Now, you are ready to compare and contrast each article in a short paper (kind of like a mini-historiography)

+Set up of the paper will be like this:

Introduce the topic which is : the Effects of Puerto Rico receiving their citizenship. and your two articles in the opening

paragraph that is attached. Be sure to note any major contrasts or similarities.


+ Are they looking at two different aspects of your topic? Are they significantly different in interpretation or focus? Are they doing Generally the same thing?

+ Analyze your first article: briefly summarize contents, identify the thesis of the article clearly, and note any major structural or evidential aspects

+Lastly (last third of your paper or so), compare the articles: where are they similar? Where are they different? Are their sources different? Are they drawing different conclusions from the same sources?

+If they are completely different in focus, note how each one strengthens or weakens the other when taken together. cite examples inproper format for each one. Use endnotes and attach a

bibliography page to the end with correct bibliographic references for both articles.

+12 point font, 1 inch margins, Turabian style

+ No need for a title page- just title the first page with the name of

your project (Journal Article Comparison and Analysis will do)

The research question I am using in my topic is What power unites Puerto Rico with the United States? Why did the US want to colonize Puerto Rico? What was the main reason the United States gave Puerto Rico its Citizenship? Is the population in Puerto Rico considered second-class citizens?