You will be developing a plan to address maximizing innovation in your current organization. (remember we have been using amazon – and AMAZON EMPLOYEE TURNOVER issue).

This plan can be in any business proposal form/format and can include any diagrams, flow charts or reporting structure visuals.

The report should be grounded in theories of innovation, critical or creative thinking processes from this course and from new research you complete on this subject.

Be sure to include the following:

Part 1 – Current status of innovation processes or procedures in your organization. Remember some might be formal, some informal. Are there certain work-groups within the organization that have a reputation for innovation/creativity? How does leadership view innovation? How does it view failure? (first 1/3 of the proposal)

Part 2 – Propose changes to the organization’s processes, structure and/or culture as needed to facilitate innovation and creativity. Base your suggestions on rationale from your research and readings. Include how you would measure the success of your changes. (approximately 1/3 of full proposal)

Part 3 – Finally, create a leadership model for yourself that supports your team’s ability to innovate. Even if you don’t currently lead a team, develop a philosophy and approach to fostering ideation, as well as, critical and creative thinking that would be used in the future. Include processes that you might use and/or how you would influence the team culture. Conclude with what can you actually do right not to influence innovation in your work group and you might need to cultivate within yourself to become this type of leader. (final 1/3 of the proposal)


  • Business Format (that means be creative)
  • APA Reference List
  • At least 4 references cited within the text as required
  • 8-10 pages – excluding title page, reference page and any large graphics