This is a master-level design report for information architecture subject, the writer must have knowledge of computer science. If you are not a professional in computer science, Please Don’t Choose This Assignment!

The requirements for this report are provided in “assignment2.pdf” file, please carefully read and check this file. This report need tutor to design a website’s Wireframe, the tutor must design a wireframe for the online clothing website first. Before you design the website, please make sure you study the lecture notes file first, there are 8 lecture notes file tutor must read and learn, then go through this report.

The report need to write for 5 pages.

The first page need tutor write a executive summary that explains the overall approach for this website. And also, include the strategy in balancing the different needs of the potential users.( three potential users include the Personas in assignment2.pdf file.

Second page: the second page need the tutor justifying your design and using the different theories provided in lecture notes 12-17, there are so many theories in these lecture notes, please carefully read them. and using these theories for references. (for example: choice of order like: priority, alphabetical,etc.. , fold, norms in web design, etc..).

Third to fifth page: the third page to fifth page need the tutor write your wireframes for this clothing website, you need to annotated to explain and justify your designs, show finer details, etc.. (If you don’t know how to do that, please check the lecture notes from 13 to 18, then you should know how to write these 3 pages.).

and also, You can use another references from website, newspaper, and so on.. more references to proof your design is good.

The overall format for this design report should be:

Executive summary(include short introduction,overall approach for this report and website, strategy balancing the different needs for different user)__1 page

Justifying design(include different theories provide in lecture notes, use these theories reference to proof your design is correct)__1 page

Wireframes for whole website( include annotated to explain and justify your design, finer details, you can also use online wireframe tool to draw this wireframe, or using the other website to proof your website, for example: the H&M, UNIQLO, etc..).

The tutor have 4 days to finish this report, the time is really narrow. Thus if you get this work, you must to do it for right now. If you have any questions, please send it to me, I will reply ASAP.