Create font.html according to the followings:

– Font: Times New Roman, Times, serif

– Heading: Web Design, color: red.

– The first paragraph output must be “I learned how to use font-family”

– The second paragraph output must be “Your name and your SEUID”

Note: You must use the following properties and decorations:

1- The heading must be underline

2- The first paragraph must be underline overline dotted blue

3- The line of the first must have letter spaces like 5px

4- The second paragraph must have a shadow like red

You are required to take a full screenshot of your code and the output.

Marking criteria:

Point Description Marks

1 Font

2 Heading

3 First paragraph

4 Second paragraph

5 Underline

6 Overline dotted blue

7 Letter-spacing

8 Shadow