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I referenced a self-appraisal form and I chose this as this is the performance appraisal that was used in my last fourteen years at little company. I agree with our text that it is a great way to promote your accomplishments to your supervisor. Yet, it also allows one to ponder about their self and to seek for their weakness in what they can improve on. This appraisal also allows the employee the opportunity to express how their work correlates directly with the company’s core values and missions. The down side of this evaluation is that I felt my supervisor never had to express what my assets where to me. I would have loved to hear their feedback as to what task I had performed well that stood out to them. Allowing me to see how my work made a difference to them and that they had an interest in me. I recall discussing this with my co-workers and they too felt the same way as i did. We wanted critique good or bad. I feel over all self-appraisal holds a lot of purpose yet I feel if a company uses them a supervisor too should also do an employee appraisal allowing an employee feedback to improve and grow. Supervisor feedback may have occurred else where as I did have very poor management.


Mondy, R. Wayne & Martocchio, Joseph, J. (2016). Human Resource Management (14th ed.)


Appraising Performance forms are great to use to be able to track employee’s performance throughout their time in training and working the actual job once the training is completed. I used an example from Duke University where they are able to use it to review new hire’s and also current employees on how things are going for them. This form is a great source to look at to see what goals need to be met and show the manager that they need to help their employees understand what they need to work on and how they can improve the company as a whole. These also help determine whether a worker is good enough to work at the company if they can achieve goals and met the standards that are required in the job duties they need. This evaluation sheet that I found helps the manager be able to place notes on how the individual succeeds and what they can work on to improve the work flow and be successful. According to our book, Human Resource Management by Wayne Mondy and Joseph Martocchio, it stated, ” The basic purpose of a PA system is to improve the performance of individuals, teams, and the entire organization. The system may also serve to assist in making administrative decisions concerning pay increases, promotions, transfers, or terminations.” (Mondy & Martocchio pg 181). A company better functions if the management team uses forms such as these to determine if an employee is doing what they should be and is giving better employees the benefits and removing employees that will not meet the standards even after you discuss it to help them improve in the position they are in.

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1.According to the text, “Stress is the body’s nonspecific reaction to any demand made on it (Mondy & Martocchio, 2016, page 353). Manuel may be having a acute reaction to situational stress, since he was recentlydivorced and forced to handle disputes over child custody, alimony payments, and property. The text goes on to say that stress “affects people in different ways and therefore is individualized (Mondy & Martocchio, 206, page 353). People tend to deal with stressful situations differently and often can not handle the stressors that affect us in life. He may have so much going on mentally that he can not focus on any task at hand. The company trying to push improving productivity may have been too much for him and he may be shutting down mentally and physically.

2.A substance-free workplace would be appropriate for Bill Brown’s company. In order to achieve this Bill Brown would have to “publish a statement notifying employees that the unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensation, possession, or use of a controlled substance is prohibited in the workplace (Mondy & Martocchio, 2016, page 357). Bill would also have to “establish a drug-fee awareness program to inform employees” and “make it a requirement that each employee be given a copy of the workplace substance abuse policy (Mondy & Martocchio, 2016, page 357).

Mondy, R. W., & Martocchio, J. J. (2016). Human resource management. Boston: Pearson Education.


To start off, this was about a lady named Wanda Zackery that had recently graduated from Florida State University, eager to start in a business after getting a degree in electrical and safety engineering she accepted a job at Landon Electronics. When she was interview by Martha Lincoln, she promised Wanda that ” her firm’s resources would like for her disposal to correct any safety-related problems”. Later Wanda realized a problem with some exposed equipment did not have any safety guards on them so she immediately started planning something out to discuss with Ms. Lincoln but it turned out it would of been a $50,000 fix. Some time later she was supposed to get back to Wanda on her choice on what to do and she took way more than 6 months to think about this proposal. Eventually Wanda go concerned and other coworkers we worried to that someone ended up calling the regional office of OHSA, which then later that week an inspector came to check on the safety in the building. Ms. Lincoln welcomed the inspector without realizing what would happen next. They stated that each piece of equipment got a violation for not being safe to use without those safety guards. All this was said and that there can be possible imprisonment if these machines did not get fixed and paid off the fines they received (Mondy & Martocchio pg 362-363).

I believe that Ms. Lincoln’s level of commitment to occupational safety was down the drain because she did not care much to fix the issue before someone gets hurt. She only worried about the amount of money it would be versus the employees safety. It makes sense why she had to think about it and how to get the money to fix the machines but it honestly would have been worse due to the fact that fixing them would have been cheaper than buying whole new ones all over again. There are other routes she could of taken to be able to avoid this, and she needs to learn to focus on an employees safety versus how much it would cost her to do that because it is required that all business are safe to enter and work at. I think that money can be saved if the right equipment are bought and are fixed to avoid any injuries.

Mondy,R.W., & Martocchio, J.J. (2016). Human Resource Management (14th ed.). Boston: Pearson Education.